Top 10 health benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a relaxing and meditative practice that helps to relax your body, mind and soul. Yoga is as simple as it sounds, the goal of yoga is to improve flexibility in the body. It also aids in weight management, stress relief in case of anxiety or depression and reduces body calorie burn. All these benefits are not only restricted to adults but can be practiced for anyone whether it's on a personal level or to help you feel better in your overall health. Yoga is a fantastic way to boost mood and mental strength, calm your nervous system and even relieve joint pain. Let's have the list of its top ten advantages!

1. Lowering Stress Levels :

Yoga is known as a great relaxation technique and is being used by millions of people across the globe. Yoga helps with lowering overall stress levels, improving our immune systems, easing depression and anxiety. Yoga also has a high content of Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin E2. Therefore, it is an ideal way to prevent chronic illness and promote optimal physical health and long-term wellness.

2. Increased Immunity:

As most of us know that all our bodies are made up of the outer shell of our organs and this outer casing of our organs, it is called “the organ”. You could say that we cannot live without them. Our immune system ensures that we stay healthy from all infections and diseases, including stress. As yoga practitioners, we keep ourselves as healthy as possible. We take care of our internal bodily systems during the day to ensure they stay fit. Yoga makes sure that our body stays healthy throughout the year to reduce the risk of cancer. Yoga keeps our cardiovascular system healthy, improves our blood pressure, and lowers cholesterol levels. Our respiratory and circulatory system gets improved too. The lower ones are also given attention. Moreover, yoga helps make our immune system stronger through several different techniques and poses which boost our immune system.

3. Helps In Weight Management:

Being obese is one of the biggest issues among adults and children across the world. Obesity increases mortality rates, causes heart disease, strokes and various other ailments. Most of us suffer from obesity all through our lives, especially if we are carrying extra baggage or carrying heavy baggage. However, yoga brings in a huge amount of benefits to weight management and helps you lose fat. Since it improves our body balance, it leads to excellent eating habits and helps us lose more calories. Through yoga, we lose more than 20 pounds per week! And we don't just lose excess pounds. For starters, yoga releases energy and boosts body metabolism, boosts digestion and burns more fat. Also, it also promotes good breathing skills so we can breathe properly. In addition to increasing our metabolic capacity, it also reduces our water consumption leading to reduced sweating and dry skin conditions. Another benefit is that it helps us manage stress better and thus, improves our immunity and reduces chances of getting serious diseases like cancer.

4. Reduced Risk Of Diabetes :

Diabetes, a common name, is a type of diabetes that occurs when there is abnormal glucose level in our blood. When individuals suffer from diabetes, they need insulin injections and medication to control their sugar intake. Along with taking medications, it is recommended that people opt for yoga and get regular rest too. Yoga helps to manage blood sugar levels and hence, helps us maintain normal levels! Yoga also helps reduce diabetes risk due to its positive impact on stress management and reduces chances of getting diabetes! It also helps to boost your immune system and reduces chances of getting heart attacks and stroke.

5. Improved Blood Pressure:

Excessively high blood pressure occurs when blood pressure stays over the safe range. This happens often in the world due to unhealthy lifestyles and poor diet habits. But, after doing vigorous yoga practices, our blood pressure would be controlled to within the norm range, something that is very rare. With consistent yoga practice and proper medical treatment, we can manage blood pressure by ensuring we follow appropriate management plan. Some yoga poses help increase our blood circulation and reduce heart rate. We can even use different exercises like plank pose and breath drills among others to manage our blood pressure and help us keep our blood pressure under control all through the day.

6. Improves Heart Health:

Yoga can help us maintain excellent heart health and lower risks of heart disease and stroke. Several yoga exercises help in releasing nutrients and fatty acids into our blood and help our heart muscles renew and strengthen themselves. By having enough sleep, we are able to regulate our sleep cycles and keep our blood pressure within desired levels.

7. Increases Energy Level :

Yoga helps us increase our blood flow and reduce fatigue in general. So, it is not surprising that even kids and adolescents who engage in Yoga practice regularly show increased energy levels. Yoga also helps bring back lost energy levels in our body and that too within weeks!

8. Easy To Take Care Of Skin Diseases Too:

Yoga helps to decrease symptoms of several skin disorders like eczema and makes us look good and younger than ever before. People have found it extremely helpful in curing such skin ailments like melanoma and eczema!

9. Reduce Gains In Muscles & Joints:

Yoga has helped many people in reducing the burden on their joints and muscles. Many Yoga enthusiasts can tell you about how they were able to take off excessive weights and reduce inflammation due to intense stretching. Yoga improves flexibility and strength of our body and joints. Not just that, Yoga also keeps our joints rejuvenated. It helps in decreasing the ache in joints and helping to build new and stronger muscles.

10. Lowers Mental Illness:

Alongside all of the above listed reasons above, Yoga helps to lower risk of mental illness. A lot of studies conducted on thousands of patients revealed that Yoga has been shown to alleviate stress levels, reduce feelings of anxiety and depression and reduce chances of developing chronic illnesses like anxiety and depression.


Keeping body and mind healthy is always difficult and therefore, it becomes important to do everything under the sun to find ways to get through it! Yoga helps in improving our physical, emotional, cognitive and social functions, improves your mood level and keeps us away from certain types of distress. Regular yoga practice helps us stay fit and avoid serious illnesses while boosting our immunity and saving costs of healthcare. If you're looking forward to starting Yoga, I highly suggest visiting my Yoga studio at Soho Village near Los Angeles. Follow me here online or by phone call +1 (310) 513-1499 to schedule a session with me.

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