how to get in shape in 5 minutes

My favorite workout routine and the one I love to do today. If you want what a great body and mind you deserve, please follow me on Instagram @juliesoure and click here to find my other posts. It's definitely worth it! Let me introduce myself. Yes, we are related. And yes, I have a beautiful body and I am an active person with exercise and health in common. But that wasn't why I wanted this article. All of these things are not in my control. So, I thought about some ways I could give them to my followers. Here is how you can get fit in 5 minutes.

1) Buy the best Bodybuilding App for your Smartphone

If Apple Fitness+ has something really good, try using it as your app for all of your fitness needs. You can have access to thousands of different workouts on Apple Fitness+, so if you don't like going outside or going in your car, there is something you can do from the comfort of your home. A lot of people rave on their iPhone, but I think you will agree that it is better to use another platform than go somewhere to run or jump in the middle of nowhere. Plus you can also use the iOS 11.

2) Start With Yoga and HIIT

Yoga and hard-intensity interval training are considered to be among the most popular and effective at improving our overall health and physique. Both yoga and HIIT come from the ancient times and it is now getting increasingly more popular as people become healthier, younger, and more aware of nutrition and diet. Yoga is a way to practice meditation while HIIT is a form of intense activity, which usually takes place in the final weeks of your training plan to maintain optimum levels of performance throughout your training. There is nothing quite like the benefits of both Yoga & HIIT except if you are already practicing yoga.

3) Listen to Your Favorite Music and Watch Some Workouts Together

Nowadays you can listen to YouTube videos, make music together and enjoy your day. Do you know that almost half of us listen to music during workdays, weekends, holidays, or even before bedtime! Not only is it easy to stay connected with family members, friends, and loved ones who share similar interest or hobbies, but it is also very productive with working out! The ability to create new music for your ears and share is unparalleled! For example, take one minute to look up how many hours a song can last and then start searching for music that fits your needs! (Try this link if you want to discover exactly how long a song lasts.)

4) Join Groups On Facebook And Instagram

You know those groups where everyone asks questions (What's your first name? What's your last name? Where are you from? etc.), tell each other stories of adventures, talk about certain things they do on a daily basis, and go on vacation to places, such as Hawaii, Mexico, Europe, South America, etc.? Of course you do! It's always fun to travel, experience new cultures, meet new people, and learn new skills and abilities to help yourself grow professionally (and emotionally) in life! Just take a second to read up on this topic, and join me by clicking on this link to see other women-only clubs:

5) Learn About Nutrition and Exercise

Nutrition and exercise play a huge role in keeping yourself healthy. We eat a lot of junk food and junk foods, because they are high in calories and sugars. This leads to increased weight gain and obesity, which in turn increases the chances of developing diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis, osteoporosis, and depression. Although there are science-based products that can assist in shedding pounds through proper nutrition and exercise, you should never forget that nutrition is just something you can control. And there are lots of free online courses on nutrition through You could also choose one of these free classes that teach yoga, Pilates, Yoga for kids, or anything else. Regardless of what subject you choose, if you are serious about getting fit, nutrition-specific exercise classes are not a waste of time!

6) Reduce Stress Levels

Stress is a factor that affects everything from body shapes to health in general. We all feel stressed when we think about it, but how often do we actually let stress affect us? Sometimes we ignore it and don't speak up, and sometimes we stay silent when we are truly upset. I believe that changing your mindset in the right way can greatly influence our mood, thoughts, and energy levels. When we focus all of our attention on our worries and negativity, we tend to lose sight of what may be important in our lives and why we are here. By focusing on ourselves, we can set limits on negative thinking and control our emotions.

7) Have More Fun Getting Fit

Somebody said the best thing about physical activity is that it keeps you young while helping keep a strong immune system throughout your entire life. That is true, but as someone who is still going to school, going to a gym is a fun hobby that helps build your strength, endurance, flexibility, and stamina in general. Also, it's a great way to bond with friends and support systems, as well as socialize! Being physically fit means being able to sit down without putting on shoes, eat healthy meals that promote good nutrition, and enjoy activities that allow for relaxation and stress busting. Also, a workout partner can help you set goals and increase motivation and confidence if you need support!

8) Find Out How Much Time Can Take You To Lose Those Extra Pounds

According to Mark Sisson, creator of the program "5 Weeks From Now," there are 4 days per week you can spend exercising. However, he adds that it is "not as much as you think." According to Mark he believes the amount of exercise takes away and returns back up in time, whether it takes 2 weeks to get your results or 3 months! As you add even 1 hour a day of exercise, you're looking at losing around 4–6 pounds in two weeks. I personally would rather spend at least 2 weeks at the beginning and gradually increasing your daily efforts to reach the desired goal.

9) Increase Your Daily Effort

Do you know that the average woman is far more likely to drink alcohol than men during sex or coffee consumption? Well, I'm sure you do, and the reason for that is due to a lack of desire to workout. As women, we don't actually train like athletes, we are too busy with worrying about losing weight, worrying about a future career, and being constantly stressed, so we tend to drink less alcohol! Instead of drinking more during sex during intercourse, we can use sex toys that provide lubrication when we need it, rather than drinking more. Drinking alcohol only causes issues for our health and mental health, not our relationships. Also, getting a new haircut doesn't have to mean spending thousands (or even $1k) on it! Keep yourself clean, shave the head, cut your hair and trim your eyebrows in a natural manner, and you can keep extra money in your bank without having to worry about marriage! (You can also use salon services, which will save a ton of costs.)

10) Eat Healthy

Do you know that eating healthy food options can help reduce the risk factors that cause heart attacks like high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, obesity, depression, anxiety, and loneliness? Well, I didn't think so! Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low sodium dairy, beans, nuts and seeds, cruciferous veggies, whole grains like brown rice, oats, rye and others, vitamin E supplements, fiber, and whole grains in general can decrease obesity and reduce the risk factors for various conditions. Including fruits and vegetables in our diet not only makes us healthier, but it also promotes longevity and improved emotional health!

11) Exercise Without Exercising Too Many Days Per Week

I know that the idea of making sweat exercises into our lifestyle is pretty extreme, I know. One of my earliest memories of yoga was dancing to the beat of a drum in class. And while some classes of yoga take 30 minutes max or more, I believe that is a short period compared to the rest of the year! Taking a day or weekend off when we have never exercised for years and making the effort to go to the pool, running or boxing class just once a week will not only make us stronger and stronger, but our bodies crave it! Remember, it takes time to get used to doing it every day, and taking it away one to two days a week can seem overwhelming to some of us.

12) Don’t Forget Mental Health

We all worry about health and fitness, however, physical, mental and emotional health are equally important! Depression can lead to stress, and stress can lead to depression and anxiety. It's not just about your physical health, but emotional health and self-care too! Make it a priority to take care of your mental health every day!

13) Visit Regular Coffee Shops

It is no secret that caffeine is known to have a powerful effect on your body. Research shows that it has been shown to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increase energy, improve memory function, accelerate brain growth, increase alertness, and increase attention span. So, if you are trying to shed fat or tone your body, go grab a cup of coffee for 30–60 minutes a day! You could also stop smoking cigarettes completely and quit nicotine altogether! But if you're not interested in becoming smoker free, try joining the Caffeine Society, a group dedicated to eliminating tobacco addiction. They have helpful resources like programs, newsletters, workshops and so much more. Read more about the association here: https://www.caffeinesociety.

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