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Summer is here and with it comes the heat wave that’s sweeping through North America this summer. The temperature can be anywhere from the sixties to late nineties, but this isn’t a normal heat wave in the United States. It’s hotter than the average heat wave in Australia! This summer, we are having one of the hottest summers on record for several months to come! If you have ever wanted to get in shape, this might help you achieve your goals and keep your body fit.

Now days are changing all the time because it feels like we aren’t able to get our daily exercise and nutrition right! With workout shorts becoming more common and popular, this cool new trend seems to change every season! So how do you stay healthy? Well first things first, there are different types of workouts and fitness routines. I have recently become a fan of strength training and cardio.

As someone who has done so much weight lifting before getting into fitness, I feel that it is not only effective at keeping me fit. Also as someone who does cardio training everyday I think it is important to try something different just to see if you enjoy it and that you’re enjoying it enough to stick with it.

For example when most perform cardiovascular exercises they go to the gym or go out and work out with other people while others use machines and sit ups etc. When you exercise alone with no guidance how long you are going to be doing it, how will you know if you are moving toward good health and staying fit! My recent blog post talked about why you shouldn't take up yoga, only to find out that it only works for certain people with specific needs! Yoga doesn't work for everyone! Here is an article discussing various advantages of yoga and other forms of stress management. Do not take yoga for granted!

My next blog can be “How To Lose Weight”, you won’t want to miss it. Going through the whole thing, I hope you will learn so much including ways to lose weight naturally and by the foods on hand! You can make sure you eat a decent diet that gives you the energy to exercise and make it possible for your body to thrive! Whether your goal is losing a few pounds in ten minutes or trying to stay fit physically and mentally…you get my point. Remember that even though some of you read all those “success secrets of losing weight” articles online,

you can never replace what is real human wisdom by reading what you already know. The truth is that no book or person ever told you it was easy. The hardest part of keeping yourself fit is not following that advice and sticking with it. But it’s also extremely hard to follow a lifestyle that you think is perfect and healthy no matter how bad a person looks when you look at them in the mirror! Exercise is not easy and I will not lie to you, it is not fun either!

The hardest part for me is knowing where to start! Some people prefer running, some like using stairs, or some like jumping rope while others would rather use treadmills or bikes. Regardless of which way you choose to move and run, you need to understand that you should work smarter, not harder!

As you go along with your current routine and do some research to see if it suits you, you could make a habit of exercising after meals and just stick to workout sessions once or twice a week. Not only will you feel stronger but you can avoid fatigue of overworking your system and make sure you aren't sleeping too well. Sometimes the best way to ensure you are properly eating is to eliminate sugar from your day to day life and just cut calories.

Cutting calories can help increase satiety and control cravings. Find balance in both calorie count and carbohydrate intake and you can stay healthier and fit in today's world! You can always use the internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and others to learn more! Keep track of your progress in the journey of improving your health and wellness and always remember the advice from those famous fitness experts!

Just don’t let the word "fitness" scare you away from the simple truths behind why you should practice what makes you healthy! That is why it is better to think about what makes you healthy and what you actually should be doing! Always remember, it takes a little effort to reach your goal of being fit…! Good Luck!

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