TOP tips for Healthy Weight Loss

I will summarize my 30 year journey as follows:

I started of my journey as an overweight 18 years ago. I became aware that I was overweight when I became aware that I needed to lose weight. I was able to lose approximately 110 pounds in less than two years.

Since this weight loss I haven’t stopped losing weight. It has happened on a yearly basis. I am no longer overweight and I no longer use the weighing scale. I have lost nearly 100 pounds since 2010.

I have written about weight loss before in this article on SeekingAlpha.


My top 3 tips for healthy weight loss include the following:

1. Eat protein first

As a first step, a dietitian recommends to start with protein. When you start off with a balanced diet of vegetarian and meat alternatives it’s likely your metabolism will slow down, and your weight loss will lessen.

I promise you won’t lose weight in the first few weeks of a longterm weight loss plan. My advice is not to try to completely lose weight overnight. It is okay to slowly lose weight by eating more nutrient-rich meals.

Within each meal, I typically pair a protein, like fish or chicken, with a fruit, vegetable, and small salad. You could include a smaller salad to make your meals more filling. It’s even better if you eat twice as much protein per meal.


My approach is to eat a 2 1/2 cup amount of protein. On average, a small lunch portion would consist of a mixed green salad, 1 medium red onion, 3 ounces broccoli, 1 small red bell pepper, 1 medium avocado, 1 small banana, and 1 ounce grapes.

My lunch will consist of an 8 ounce chicken breast, sprinkle of bell peppers, and vegetables on a large piece of wilted greens. This lunch will be only 400 calories.

My favorite lunch time is when I share something as simple as a piece of grilled chicken and roasted potatoes with some hummus.

Those foods will have an extremely healthy range of protein and you can effortlessly switch up their flavors to your liking. The leftovers of the meal will keep you full well into the next day.

This will save you time during the day. Less time eating and less time going out.

2. Don’t be afraid to go to the grocery store

Another one of my top 3 tips for healthy weight loss includes keeping your grocery store list handy. Have it folded up, and always have the list next to your name in the fridge.

I know a lot of people fear grocery stores. For me, it’s almost like if I’m in the grocery store, I may be more inclined to just buy stuff to satisfy my brain.

If you can’t always pick up the stuff you want, go back to the store several times to find what you need.

When I go to the grocery store, I just look for affordable alternatives to the items I pick up at my home. A pharmacy drug is typically $3 or less. Each time I go to the grocery store, I make sure I’m taking the savings into consideration.


I can also go to a different grocery store and pay more for things. This can be a good thing. Where else can you buy organic meat for about $2 less than at home?

I notice that when I go to the grocery store several times a week, I consistently pick up a few cheap things in bulk and go home and buy things the next day that aren’t too expensive but aren’t too cheap either.

3. Switch up your exercise routine

When you exercise regularly, you’ll need a healthy eating plan to supplement your calorie intake. I tend to workout regularly about 2–3 times a week. If I’m not doing cardio, I might do a 30 minute HIIT workout or 30 minutes of strength training.

Ride or walk around your neighborhood. There are a few nearby fast food places that would be great for workouts and quick refueling afterward.

What I’m eating for dinner usually consists of a salad (I have one salad per day), veggie burgers, and some home baked chicken. I also make sure to add some grains.

I do breakfasts too. Once in the morning, I might make some fruit smoothies or a half a cup oatmeal that includes some strawberries, blueberries, and bananas.

If I’m feeling hungry, I’ll snack on a piece of melba toast or some fruit crackers.

You can skip these activities and do only exercises at night. Do this as many nights as you can. My top 3 tips for healthy weight loss calls for you to exercise 3 times a week.

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