What to do at the gym: A guide for beginners

So here I am setting up my workout gear and soon to be shaking my tail feather to join a novices’ group! Do you know what that feels like? I have been working out for 12 years now and look back fondly at how I was during my first session.

It felt smooth, crisp and it was a good way to start and get my body feeling good. Now I feel I can start a proper workout that lasts for longer than two minutes if I was really willing to make the effort.

So if you do not want to feel the disappointment of joining a novices’ group the first time, I suggest you don’t try to join this group. Instead, I suggest you ask friends, family or workout buddies to start you.

If you want to start it is more useful to start your workout with 30 minutes of cardio. Get ready to pump that iron right away so you have the time to get your muscles ready for a full workout.

If you have started this way but you are nervous about how you will start, try out the following exercise if you really want to start your session.

Ladies: I know how it feels to be nervous and anxious about starting a workout. It is no easier for the lady. That is why I recommend you try something that will get you to notice and believe in yourself.

This will motivate you and give you the confidence that you can do more than just starting an exercise. You will notice you feel great after this exercise as soon as you have done it 10 times.

The workout below can be made for you if you can afford a professional trainer and they can make it for you. The only equipment needed is your pulse oximeter which I think is really comfy, the set for at home workout (I chose this for you) is out of hand already and I hope you enjoyed.

Focus on 5 minutes of cardio.

Your friend or family member is going to jump in and walk your heart rate up!

With 25 minutes of dedicated cardio, your body will be ready for a full workout.

2. Repeat the 3-minute warm up.

Make sure you raise your heart rate to 70% of your maximum.

Your body is ready for the full workout.

A 7-minute full workout.

The work will get harder and quicker during this full workout. You are using the machine 3 times.

This isn’t hard because you are drinking a lot of water at this point and lying down on the mat on your stomach. The same workout I mentioned above with 3 minutes.

You don’t need weights or machines for this. For this you can get yourself standing still, doing low reps on the treadmill, climbing the stairs or standing on the hood of a car.

The goal is to place the hand down on the monitor so you can see your heart rate.

I suggest doing at least 5-minutes cardio per week. It does not matter if you are going to do it your way or others are. But you are also going to do some light exercises to stay fit.

No common excuse. Your family, friends or workout buddies are getting ready for a gym. Start slowly with a 30 minute session, this is for cardio you can do at home. Even at home if you only have access to headphones, you can just push through the treadmill and change over and do your full workout.

For your full workout, take at least 10 minutes to refill your water bottle, do a run around the house, listen to the radio station that you like listening to, turn up the music, listen to a podcast, watch a warm up exercise, repeat the warm up in case you want more rest.

Precautions of exercising with an instructor:

Always wear your mask while exercising.

Stay 6 feet apart from everyone.

If not yet comfortable, take a short break.

A good warm up is just the thing to get yourself pumped up and want to go for the full workout.

My full workout is with these easy cardio exercises which I can give you a guide of if you want to get a warm up of your own

Any workout you have done is what gets you to energy level.

By doing the above exercise you will get your body pumping.

Then do the extra exercises you want to do for a full workout.

By doing this, you will feel like you are doing your full workout.

A good workout will work your muscles to loosen them for the work done next. You have the strength to do the workout but you have to be nimble enough to bring yourself over the edge.

This is a great way to get results without spending all your money. If you have to take pictures before or after your workout, then there are no bad foods or supplements involved.

The best part about this exercise is you feel the energy even after your workout has finished. That

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