Top 6 fitness tips for beginner trainers


Aimless and mindless daily routine helps no one, even the skinner and healthier skin we all have. Not to mention that bad habits are hard to give up and not only that, they even keep us stuck. You want to be fit, but of course, being constantly busy all day is annoying as it makes it hard to get up each morning. Before we focus on my #1 workout, here are the top 10 tips for beginner trainers:


#1. Weightlifting (welcome to the gym. You need some new muscle!)

Ever wondered how fitter you are going to be after weightlifting? Or is that all part of exercising at your local gym? Well, it is because weight lifting does has a definite effect on changing the size of your muscles. If you’re not someone that likes to lift heavy weights, maybe it is time to go to a gym that does.


#2. Bike riding

Now that you’ve felt fit during your workouts, you probably think that is all it will take to become fit. What if you didn’t? You might become one day, we're sure you will, but what if you didn’t? Well if you haven’t started a cycle way and if you are like me, it took me a while. But once you’ve broken through you will feel a lot more satisfied than if you didn’t exercise at all.


#3. HIIT (We have pictures on our Instagram page to prove it. Women crush the men doing these types of workouts. 10% of exercise is by itself nothing. That 10% results in 40% of your fat-burning potential and 25% of your benefit is in your weight! Hitting the reps, the intervals, the endorphins. Boom!


#4. Hiking

Hey, look at the sun shining and how peaceful it feels. Something you should consider, but you probably can’t. Well, don’t give up, hit the trails and even if you don’t see any people it’s ok to take a step back and take in the scenery. That's one of the best workouts you can do. A lot of you will have heard about running, hiking and yoga, which is also a great workout, but even with those moves you don’t see anyone around you.


#5. Strength Training

I would take this one home to my house, from my sleep the other night I immediately grabbed my weights and my gym bag and started lifting. Because why not? There are so many ideas for how I would choose to lift for the first time, it’s only a matter of time. Now you have your first weights to start, another gear to buy, and yet another reason to be a little scared!


#6. CrossFit

Last and most important is CrossFit. Here you should start with whatever exercises and we all know what time they are due to the start time, it's time to start. You don’t need a gym membership and a gym you can't afford, you can jump in with nothing but your own home and the start of your first day of classes.


So there we go. I’m sure you’ve heard the word. If you're like me it has taken me a while to open my eyes up. So here’s my #1 workout, the packed core which includes abs, triceps, glutes, core, triceps, abs and slouches.


So how do I feel about this? I feel confident that I am ready to be a gym enthusiast again. No matter how much I’ve been doing cardio training or the gym, I can say with confidence and excitement that something will get me back there.


That’s why I’m now confident that I’m getting back to my best! Whether you prefer to go for two weeks, a month or 24 months I’m hoping you too.


Fitter better!

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