Stop the High Cost of Healthcare with United Healthcare


Medical institutions require enough equipment to stay up-to-date with the condition of patients. To meet the needs of a different population based on their different types of illnesses, research must be made on medical equipment to meet the needs of each kind of patient. In the medical industry, one of the leaders is United Healthcare, one of the largest players of the market. Their history shows that they are one of the largest players of the market of medical equipment. United Healthcare implemented something new which started in their healthcare division. These changes allowed them to improve efficiency and quality of healthcare. To support the improvement of healthcare, United Healthcare created a new healthcare division with quality tools like technology to improve the quality of healthcare. To address the issue of high health care costs, this new unit managed to incorporate the value chain of primary care, treatment, and management. Another is their high level of customer service to patients. For example, in a group practice area, their policies and services affect the lifestyle of patients. Therefore, their customers show increased interest in the health care services of their health care providers (United Healthcare, 2014).

Value Chain Distribution

New value chain distribution was introduced in United Healthcare. Their team of IT specialists managed to resolve this issue. They started using a new IT software so that they can easily obtain all necessary medical equipment. They also had developed a new network. In addition, they were conducting a meeting with the team of IT specialists and with their marketing specialists so that they could resolve all those issues. Moreover, they were renovating their IT systems so that the new systems would provide them the new information. The IT teams that they had hired were conducting all the work in a healthy environment. They had managed to establish a new IT team for example, they maintained the IT systems by being open and engaging in a discussion with them. On the other hand, the organization had identified the problem that arose from the IT projects. They had identified the way they needed to invest their profits and expenses. Therefore, they should not pay more money. They had come up with solutions to solve the issue.

Comparison with Other Healthcare Organizations

According to the data given above, Universal Healthcare has selected marketing and technology to deliver them change. Therefore, it is trying to distribute high quality healthcare by considering the approaches of the management. They emphasized making the communication in the organization positive. Their employees were bright and pleasant, good with their customers and it implies that it is the result of their values. Therefore, the atmosphere of value chain distribution is similar to that of their marketing organization. United Healthcare is playing a lead role in change processes by concentrating on their IT specialists. Innovative plans have been established. United Healthcare also faced the problem of changing their IT systems. Therefore, they had to employ the new IT system because it was necessary for their organization to conduct it.

Recommendations for Making Improvements

The most important recommendation that I have made is the aim that should be in line with the company’s mission. For example, United Healthcare should have identified the problem that arose from their IT projects. Improving their systems is a solution to the issue. To increase their effectiveness, they should focus on their IT security in order to be productive in the organization. United Healthcare should ensure that all health care services of their practices in every unit are conducted in the same way. They should work hard to continue improving their procedures and act according to their regular routine.


United Healthcare is a healthcare organization where they work for their customers. They are striving for the highest quality of services. Their managers have done everything in order to improve their system. However, they still encountered the issue with their IT systems. Therefore, it is recommended that they implement the change that they have implemented. Their change is helping them to eliminate the high costs of healthcare.


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