Planet Fitness: the best workout for your busy schedule

This is a special article for the week of the 9th of November.
We’re all exhausted.

When we finally reach the end of our first full day after December, it’s safe to say that tomorrow will be just as worn.

Walking around to gauge ourselves from other similar and senior citizens who are working as physically active as we are, we’re struggling to find an outlet where we can step away from our laptops and not have to count out another few minutes of sub-zero showers.

I’m personally guilty of playing video games on most evenings, and now I live in Tokyo, with a serious lockdown I cannot leave my house without being prompted by a smartphone.
It’s time to head straight to the gym and try out some of their classes.

I found out about Planet Fitness when I searched for a gym that had their cardio machines and weights in-room and the staff answered directly to an email.

When I’m low-key for inspiration, I inevitably turn to YouTube for more on what some of the classes are like, and what the instructors all have to say about a particular set of exercises.

As I watched a bit of YouTube, I almost heard someone at work complaining about how difficult it is to work out while they get picked up from work and on their way to class.

It’s ok to let yourself get whipped out of the comforts of your sofa or onto your lounger.

So the chances of me getting on my phone on a video call are high.

In fact, everyone in the studio here was impressed by how easy it was, despite the environment being completely different from home or at the office.

Planet Fitness has a cool vibe and makes working out your favorite way to chill out as well as your favorite way to get in shape.

This feels comfy in the best way, and their trainers are the people who are responsible for putting your heart into your veins and pumping out adrenaline.

At the end of each class, you see the entire room come together, with laughter filling the room as you may hear some of their usual jokes about us all going “pow wow” after performing the class.

Many mornings, a vegetarian’s penpal is enough to send her sending waves of laughter through the office.

That, combined with the atmosphere here is magical for any workout group.

Never heard of this kind of exercise that worked for us so well? Well, a trainer might start you out with lunges first, with their energy, making your heart take off as you run up the stairs with your entire body.

Even if you’re having a stressful day or didn’t have the time to set a record, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to worry about a mispronounced name so much!

Everyone in our group of five knows exactly what she’s doing! (Honestly!!)

All of us ended up stopping the day the group was done, and dancing merrily off to a playlist of a 70s hit under a shirtless man who looked like he was enjoying the fact that he was on his own, given he was the only one who worked out.

How wonderful was it to come home on a Wednesday night, have the sun out, and have the dogs sleeping well past midnight? I can’t wait to try out our new gym on a Sunday night, and see how my travel bubble of friends will feel!

I hope you thought this guide could have helped you find your replacement for the quiet corner of your house or home.

I’m sure there are better ways of giving yourself a break from the constant (but the lack of) distractions and outside recreational activities, and I won’t be disappointed by how fun and exciting the gym can be.

Until next time, keep dancing, and do your best to get your fitness on.
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