How to Get Fit in 10 Minutes

Now that we are over the winter hump and winter routines have thankfully all but eradicated exercise as a factor in our lives, you want to make sure you don’t look like a stick figure walking up a mountain instead of having fun while doing it. No one really wants to be 'Doppelganger Syndrome' while running up the sidewalk whatever you’re doing, don’t make it a Sophie’s Choice.

What would you rather look like running up the stairs at the gym, or walking outside of the gym? You can get fit in under 10 minutes.

But let’s start from the beginning — let’s go for a walk. Just like any workout, we should be able to get the heart rate up if we're a little hesitant about the steps. Remember, you'll still have a reason to hit the steps, however, it’s not as easy to get off the steps.

Rather than running by yourself at your best capacity, walk around your neighborhood. Take your time.

Not only will you stay fit for free, you'll no longer need to do stairs when you’re jogging and walking. Running and walking on the street or on the treadmill at your local park won’t give you as much motivation as hopping up the stairs.

With a walk around your neighborhood, you can get your best strength-building workout going quickly. This workout will help to put your body and your mind into the proper body and mind space.

Make it something you do outside or at your local park.

Many people are worried about being outside, and this is no surprise — it’s a time when we are more likely to be outside than indoors. However, when it comes to working out, working out in the countryside can be intimidating. Walking out of the house can give you a stress break that will allow you to take the jogger route, but if you’re living in an urban area like many of us did during the early stages of the pandemic, you might find it difficult to achieve the same fitness goals.

To run or jog for 10 minutes, you can walk the distance between your house and your workplace. If you’re lucky enough to have a flat ground nearby, then you can just skip around your corner instead.

When you’re on the treadmill or stair machine, you’ll want to get your heart rate up — you can achieve this quicker by just walking around and pretending you don’t have a set workout to meet.

When you’re not on the treadmill, you can go on a quick 20-minute brisk walk. This will help you build up your speed and speed as you go.

If it’s too good to be true, and you can’t go for a walk after your workout, I won’t knock you for staying home and doing this workout, either. I’ll just say, it’s a great workout to help you improve your stamina.

And you should be able to get your workouts off of the roof if you wanted to. I swear I heard someone say something like, “Jump to the roof, only going up, not down,” which isn’t true. If you go to the gym, you have to jump off the ceiling. That’s the rules. The workout you do in your home is a better workout than the gym. If you’re in a bad mood and really just want to meet with your best friend for a walk, you’ll have more fun than going out to the gym. You will be exercising on your own, but you’ll do it outside with the people you love.

If you’re lucky enough to have running space for yourself, then you can take a stroll around the house. You’ll find even more room in your body by walking around in your house, rather than just running up and down the street. You’ll be able to maximize the best possible space for working out on the ground.

So, get outside and get your exercise done in under 10 minutes. You’ll thank me later.

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