Beer Is Not As Bad As You Think - Here are the Reasons Why


Some researchers have claimed that a small amount of beer could have good benefits for your overall health. But before proceeding to the points of the discussion, it is imperative to note that I am not promoting any heavy drinking or even alcoholism. After all, everything that is too much could be wrong for your body. 

A researcher from Singapore suggested that one glass of beer a day for women and men is the maximum. But with such a top portion, one can take tons of benefits from it. Here are the reasons why beer is not as sour as you think. 

Drinking beer might prevent cardiovascular disease. 

There have been studies that suggest the protective properties of beer on cardiovascular diseases. It is valid for those who drink around 14 ounces of beer per week. Of course, the occasional drinker won’t expect much to take this benefit. 

Beer could prevent men diabetes. 

The researchers state that occasional beer consumption could help the body protect itself against diabetes, especially in men. 

The healthier bone inside you 

According to the researchers, bone density improvement has been tied to the low levels of beer consumption. But they would suggest that non-alcoholic components of the beer are the one which can contribute to the good benefits. We are talking about how phytoestrogens can improve bone structure and rejuvenate them all. In the long run, occasional drinking can save you a lot from hassles. 

Beer is mostly more nutritious than others. 

Did you know that beer contains many antioxidants? Well, we could refer back to the main ingredients of the beer itself. If you’ve learned about barley, it has hosted many antioxidants with abundant benefits for your health.

Beer also contains calcium, fibre, and so on. 

Prevent kidney stones 

A good amount of beer can help you to reduce the risks of having kidney stones. Here is where the beer can be pretty significant for your entire life. The researchers suggested that a glass of beer a day can reduce the risks of developing kidney stones by up to 40 per cent or more. It is because of the phytochemicals in the beer product, which can help your body mitigate the risks of developing the disease. 

It is a good stress reliever. 

There are plenty of reasons why you want to have a glass of beer after one long hectic day with your friends. Well, not only that, because of gathering with your friends, the beer itself has its stress reliever properties. Of course, the beer portion should be moderately enough. 

Considering all the benefits above, you won’t feel guilty again for drinking a glass of beer daily. Ciao!

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